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She's Crafty Podcast with Catherine Contreras

Jan 29, 2016

Join Catherine and Brandi in a Talk of Shame episode as they do some guerrilla podcasting in the parking lot of Freetail Brewery in San Antonio, TX. You'll learn about Catherine's fascination with Peaches & Cream Barbie, get an update on their homework from Branchline, and hear Brandi viciously fail at trying to do a...

Jan 22, 2016

This podcast episode is brought to you by Camp Dazed and Amused, an annual weekend of glamping for grown-ass women in New Braunfels, TX. Snag a spot before they're all gone!

Join Catherine and Brandi as they put their beer knowledge to the test with Paul Ford and Jason Ard from Branchline Brewing Co. in San Antonio,...

Jan 15, 2016

Catherine and Brandi recap their eventful NYE, reminisce about Richard Gere, and dive into Chapter 1 of San Antonio Beer. Grab your coffee, a pint, or whatever your poison...sit back, relax, and judge us, because we're too busy NOT judging you.

Brew: Alamo Beer Amber Lager

Book: San Antonio Beer by Jeremy Banas...

Jan 8, 2016

Catherine hit the highway and headed home for weekend to the city of Katy, TX. Katy is right outside of Houston Texas, where a whole bunch of our beer friends reside! Brandi is unfortunately absent from this episode due to a prior obligation, but Catherine had a hell of a time with some Houston Beer Boys!

Brew: A...

Jan 1, 2016

Brew: Alaskan Brewing Co. Winter Ale

Beer Guru: Jeremy Banas, co-author of San Antonio Beer

Special Guest: Bryan Powell & James Wells of The Friendcast

Special Music: Dot O

Announcer Extraordinaire: Dino Foxx

Recorded LIVE from The Hoppy Monk


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